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NCM and the Food Pantry has been kept going throughout the decades by its dedicated neighbors and the dozens of volunteers who donate their time. Food Pantry staff include NCM's full-time executive director and one part-time employee who oversees the pantry's operations. 

Jay Poliziani

Jay Poliziani

Jay Poliziani is the executive director of Northside Common Ministries, which operates the pantry as well as a 25-bed men's emergency shelter and a permanent housing program. Hired in 2011 Jay worked previously at Goodwill of Southwestern PA’s headquarters in a variety of social service roles including supporting individuals with barriers to employment in their search for jobs and community outreach. Jay has a master's degree in marketing and communications as well as a master's in theology. He lives with his son, John, in the East End, and attends church on the Northside.

Email: jay.poliziani@ncmin.org 


Jana Thompson

Jana Thompson

Jana Thompson is the Food Pantry manager.   

A long-time volunteer, Jana took the post as the food pantry's manager in the fall of 2017.

Email: jana.thompson@ncmin.org






The Northside Food Pantry Advisors (FPA)

The FPA is an informal group formed by Northside neighbors to help the pantry become sustainable. We coordinate with Jay, Jana, NCM's board and the Northside neighborhoods to rally resources with the long-term in mind. 

The FPA’s goal is simple: We don’t want any of our neighbors going hungry.

Talk to us if you have questions about volunteering or if you would like help organizing a food or fund drive on behalf of the pantry. Let us know if you have ideas for other ways to help support the pantry. Reach us at foodpantryadvisors@gmail.com or through our Facebook page. We also manage the pantry's Twitter account.

The Advisors: Jana Thompson, Darlene Rushing, Kimberly Giles, Moira Regan Edmiston, Linda Ehrlich make up the core group, but the FPA is made up of a diverse set of volunteers who give their time and skills as needed.

Website Credits: One of the projects the FPA took on was the construction of this website. Particular shout-outs to Jasmine Goldband, whose photography work is seen throughout northsidefoodpantry.org and Lindsay Grauvogel for her design work.  

NCM's Board of Advisors

NCM's Board of Advisors provides guidance on NCM's overall program activities. 

President: Wendy L. Roehrich Hall

Vice President: Lynn Landis

Secretary: The Rev. John Cawkins

Board Members: Mike Sparlin, Joycelyn Thomas Washington, Christin Trembulak, Becky Coger, Shane Freeman, Raoul Merchando, Karen Wagner, Loleda Moman, Kerri Harmicar, Deborah Nerone, Barbara Simpson

Staff Liaisons

Eric Yenerall, Assistant Vice President of Program Development, Goodwill

Ella Holsinger, Vice President of Human Services, Goodwill

Mike Smith, CEO, Goodwill