Help keep the shelves stocked.

The Northside Food Pantry helps stretch the grocery budgets each month for nearly 1,000 neighbors on the Northside, including seniors, the unemployed and families caring for young children. Some have kitchens to use, maybe a pantry to draw from. Others might have only a hot plate and a set of utensils. The list below highlights items most in need right now. A full wish list is also available on Amazon. Click to buy and ship directly to the pantry. Immediately help a neighbor get through this month. 


What can you donate?

A good rule of thumb is to consider what you'd feed your family. Other tips:  

  • Low-sodium, hearty staples are always appreciated.

  • Bulk packages (a case of soup vs. a can of soup) help ensure that there is more to go around. (Because visitors to the food pantry receive an allotment of food based on weight, items not individually packaged are often portioned out by volunteers into 1-pound bags for distribution; adding storage bags to related orders is incredibly helpful.)

  • Items needed to run households such as paper towels and cleaners cannot be purchased with food stamps or at a discount by the pantry and are in high demand.

  • And toilet paper. Always.

Click. Buy. Ship. 

Below are items most in need this month. Also, please consider adding Northside Common Ministries as your charity of choice through AmazonSmile: 0.5% of the price of most of your purchases will go back to NCM, which operates the pantry. (Even on the food you purchase on behalf of the pantry!)